LaTeX: BibLaTeX style

Biblatex is quite a powerful bibliography management system for LaTeX. Rather than try to find styles to suit your needs, it’s more straight forward to just alter one of the default styles. I made the following alterations to the authoryear-comp style for my thesis, the following gets added to the preamble:

	sorting=nyt, %sort intext by name year then title
	maxcitenames=2, %max intext authors
	maxbibnames=30, %max endtext authors
	uniquename=false, %Robin Smith 2011, Alex Smith 2011 printed as 'Smith 2011a,b'
	url=false, %Dont print URL
	firstinits=true, %stops first author full name printed in bibliography
	uniquelist=false, %will add 'a' and 'b' if 1st authors are identical
	dashed=false, %print recurring author/editor names instead of replacing them by a dash
	sortcites=true, %sorts intext citations by same pattern as bibliography
\addbibresource{main.bib} % % name/location of your .bib file

Then call in-text citations with:

\parencite{citationID} %in parentheses
\cite{citationID} %no parentheses
\textcite{citationID} %only year in parentheses

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