Autocomplete BibLaTeX citations in TexStudio

Autocompletion of BibLaTeX citations in TeXstudio is a convenient feature, but I found it stopped working today. Doing the following seems to have fixed the problem:

  1. As with most bibliography related issues, it’s a good idea to start by deleting all the files in your compilation directory except the .tex and .bib files and recompiling everything
  2. Make sure you actually have autocompletion for BibLaTeX turned on. Go to options>configure TeXstudio>Completion and under “use following completion files”, make sure the box next to biblatex.cwl is checked.
  3. Sometimes to be able to keep track of changes to the bibliography style, we separate the arguments to \usepackage[…]{biblatex} with line breaks, for example:

    		sorting=nyt, %sort intext by name year then title
    		maxcitenames=2, %max intext authors
    		maxbibnames=30, %max endtext authors
    		url=false, %Dont print URL
    		sortcites=true, %sorts intext citations

    Apparently this can cause problems with the autocomplete feature. So try putting the whole command on one line, for example:


    Recompile and you should get some citations popping up when you start typing \parencite{ for example.


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